Shot 1: 1917 (with shot lead)
Stitching two cameras together.
Iterating on morphing isolated characters between each other and CG doubles.
Background replacement with DMP and CG elements.
Shot 2: 1917 (with shot lead)
Stitching Camera to CG waterfall environment/ camera.
Stitching back to camera at base of waterfall.
Transitioning character to CG double, and back to character.
Integrating background replacement with CG and DMP.
Shots 3 and 4: Maleficent II: Mistress of Evil
Blue screen key, and background replacement with CG environment
Shot 5: Maleficent II: Mistress of Evil
Character extraction from blue screen, and integration/tracking onto body of CG double.
Full CG background comp and integration.
Shot 6: Maleficent II: Mistress of Evil
Full CG character/ environment comp.
Shot 7: Maleficent II: Mistress of Evil
Blue screen extraction, and CG set extension/ integration with background replacement.
Shots 8 and 9: Michelob Robots (with shot lead)
CG robot/ punching bag comp on to two stitched and extended plates.
2D FX element comp.
Shot 10: Minecraft World
Look development.
Cleaned and built background plate with CG Minecraft elements integration.
Extracted FG hand, cleaned phone model, replaced screen, tracked zoomed BG element to simulate phone camera, and integration.
Shot 11: Minecraft World
Look development.
Set cleanup on roads/buildings.
Camera stitch/ zoom out to DMP and CG extension.
CG integration.
Shots 12 and 13: Nintendo Switch
Environment cleanup.
Screen replacement.
Scene relighting.
FX comp and integration.
Shots 14, 15 and 16: Hummer EV Launch
Look development.
Full CG/DMP comp of space and weather.
Shots 17 and 18: Wing Stop
Look development.
Comping footage of rotating food elements with 2D library effects.
Shot 19: Cadillac Superbowl Edward Scissorhands
Comping four plates of pineapple destruction seamlessly with CG knives to simulate cutting of pineapple.
Shots 20, 21, and 22: POM Wonderful
Cleanup of fur suit, and comp and animation of CG face elements onto static puppet face.
Shots 23: BMW Legend
Character extraction and reintegration from multiple takes onto one plate. Background cleanup and extension.
Shadow extraction and integration.
Shots 24, 25, and 26: BMW Legend
Water comp using 2D library elements.
Shots 27, 28, and 29: Hummer EV Launch:
CG car comp onto practical reference car.
FX integration.
CG foliage integration.
Interior window replacements, car interior cleanup, and car UI replacement.
Shots 30 and 31: BMW Legend
Background cleanup and extension.
DMP comp.
Interior blue screen car comp and integration with flares.
Shots 32, 33, 34, and 35: Honda World of Bleh
CG car comp and background cleanup.
Interior character replacement and integration.
Shot 36:
Background cleanup and set extension.
DMP relighting and integration.
Pigeon element isolation and integration.